About me

My name is Jakub Malicki, I was born in Oswiecim in Poland. Currently I live in Colchester. I am self employed photographer with over 10 years experience. For me photography is a way of showing the beauty of the moment, and the beauty of our surroundings. It let’s us appreciate simple things in lots of different ways, it enables us to study the subject of the photography without rushing, see things which in day to day routine would escape our attention.

I was always fascinated when taking photos of people, every single part of the human body can tell a story, like faces which show countless emotions, skin colour, age.

My intention is to show food in such a way that it looks like a masterpiece, that it encourages us to have / eat this dish. The beautiful thing about food photography is that you have the freedom to arrange the colors, light, additions and only your imagination can stop you from creating something unique shown in the picture.

In my art architecture photos I always look for something new and try to show architecture from a different perspective, I try to show things in an unconventional way. I let my imagination lead me while taking pictures, presenting functions that are not easily visible. This is the main reason why my photos are different from the architecture seen in magazines and billboards, but that does not mean that I abandoned the traditionally perceived architecture images. As part of the architecture of the interior and exterior on behalf of the contract, I want to show it in the best possible way, show the best sides of the property, so that the recipient viewing photos identify with it and want to be part of it.

For me photography simply speaks for itself louder that any words would be able to.